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Clare Putnam Pozos:
Forward-Looking Republican

Clare is a former federal prosecutor and the mother of two young children. She is running for Congress because the residents of the 7th District deserve a fresh, conservative leader with the energy and drive to help our community thrive and make sure that our families are safe and secure.

Clare will work tirelessly to encourage businesses to locate here, expand their operations, and create new high-paying job opportunities for area residents. Clare will also work to roll back job-killing laws and rules that make it harder for our small businesses to succeed and compete effectively.

For over the last seven years, Clare was an Assistant United States Attorney. As a federal prosecutor, she prosecuted violent criminals and international drug traffickers who flood our communities with dangerous drugs and fuel the opioid crisis here in Southeastern Pennsylvania. In Congress, she will continue to back aggressive prosecution of the drug dealers who peddle poison, and she will support treatment and recovery options for the victims of this terrible epidemic.

Clare will be a forceful advocate for national security. Clare firmly believes that we must support our troops, and provide them with the best equipment, training, and resources available. But she also knows that we must invest in the technology needed to protect against dangerous cyber-attacks by terrorists, rogue nations, hackers, and criminals that threaten our critical infrastructure and our economy.

Clare will support our veterans, law enforcement officers, and first responders. Their service to our country and their local communities is both selfless and an inspiration.

Outside of her work as a prosecutor, Clare has devoted herself to the fields of healthcare and education. Clare serves on the Board of Trustees of both the Lankenau Medical Center Foundation and the Rock School for Dance Education. Through its program RockReach, Clare works with the Rock School to provide over 25,000 school children, particularly at risk-youth, with high quality exposure to the arts every year.

Finally, Clare firmly believes that the United States is the greatest country in the world because we are built on a foundation of political and religious freedom and individual liberty. The Democrats seem to think that more government is the answer to every question. Clare does not. As a forward-looking Republican, Clare will be vigilant in protecting our freedoms as well as our families.

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